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Traveling Happiness

Happiness is a state of being. So many people are unhappy, of their own volition. I’m happy, fanciful and free. I’m so thankful.


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Wayfaringbootstraps came from a lovely lady

The name of my blog came from my grandma. She always told me “pick yourself up by your bootstraps and keep moving”. She has always been my strong voice of reason. Raising three boys and a girl on her own, she had great words of wisdom. I miss having her around. My best friend has been gone for quite some time now and it is quite lonesome without her. There are so many times I wish I could talk to her about everything. I know she is always with me but I miss her. I owe so much of my being to this strong and beautiful woman. Honestly, life is hard to understand without her. Today is one of many that I really really don’t understand and I really wish she was here. Cheers to one wonderful and beautiful lady.


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A New Beginning Continued….

Due to a recent comment, I’ve decided to continue blogging about my story. It has been quite a long time since my last entry. Much to catch up on.

My new career has blossomed. I absolutely love my job. The company has an amazing culture. Monthly team activities that show the company wants to create a bond with employees. Employee nominated VIRTUE awards (Vision, Integrity, Respect, Timeliness, Unity and Enthusiasm) that let employees recognize each other for attributes and contributions. We have fantastic health insurance and 401K plans. There is also this amazing and new (to me) concept of Paid Time Off. The people I work with are smart, funny, creative, caring and wonderful human beings. The last year has been tumultuous and rewarding. Life has been cruel and yet very kind. I am leaving out the personal struggles I’ve had in the last year because those will come later.

I am happy to say that leaving my other job, the necessary but unwelcome noose, was the best decision I’ve made, in a long time. I wish the best for my old noose. May the universe keep their children fed and their hearts happy.

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A new beginning

In regards to a prior post about being strangled by my job……

I have quit said job and am now on a week long vacation!!! I am so thrilled and excited!!! For the first time in a while, I feel joy, happiness, peace and love. I start my new job next week and am magnificently excited about it!!! They have great and well deserved expectations of me. I get to do what I do best. There is nothing better in a job experience than being given the opportunity to do what you do best. Amazing feeling! The best part is the company I will be working for is sound, proficient, and ethical! It is nice to be back with the population of breathers. Nice to feel more than anxiety. Nice to have a break!!! Just wanted to fill you in, in case you were wondering. Peace out and love for all!


Wise words

Words to live and love by.


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Tree hugging independent

Bless the soul that hugs a tree
Nourishing our Earth
Connecting with nature
Healthy and strong
Find your inner peace
Feel the wind
Smell the rain
Let the sun kiss you
And the moon carry your dreams


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Life is short y’all



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Our inner judge

I have been thinking a lot lately about my inner artist and why she hasn’t come out to play as much in the last 5 or so years. It has brought me to realize at some point in the last 5 years I have been a social robot. Work, family, friends, etc. I have left little room for my creative ability. I used to write and create all the time. I have a sewing machine and loads of fabric that I never use. I have a purse that I started 7 years ago but haven’t finished. Why?! It’s my inner judge telling me I have too many responsibilities to spend any time on my creativity. “I’m not good enough. No one will like what I create. I have so many other things to do.” I used to not care about all that stuff. But somehow that changed. In the few years I’ve been starving for a creative outlet. That is how I started in photography. It helped me capture and release beauty in a way that seemed less overwhelming to me. Taking photos helped my starvation and in turn has fueled my passion to create even more. So cheers to my motivation and musings. I will create wherever I go and with whatever I have. Money, time and approval will not sway me.

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On Call

Today I accompanied my brother to get a surgical biopsy. Thankfully the doctor said everything looks fine but will need to do further tests to make sure. These pictures aren’t spectacular in any way, but they are part of my journey.



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A Fun Blast From the Past

Today an old friend came into town. I have not seen this friend in 11 years. It’s funny how relationships and dynamics with some people never change. It was nice to see Barry and him giving me a playful good time again. I have missed his mischievous laugh. Thanks for lightening my heart.

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