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A New Beginning Continued….

on July 17, 2013

Due to a recent comment, I’ve decided to continue blogging about my story. It has been quite a long time since my last entry. Much to catch up on.

My new career has blossomed. I absolutely love my job. The company has an amazing culture. Monthly team activities that show the company wants to create a bond with employees. Employee nominated VIRTUE awards (Vision, Integrity, Respect, Timeliness, Unity and Enthusiasm) that let employees recognize each other for attributes and contributions. We have fantastic health insurance and 401K plans. There is also this amazing and new (to me) concept of Paid Time Off. The people I work with are smart, funny, creative, caring and wonderful human beings. The last year has been tumultuous and rewarding. Life has been cruel and yet very kind. I am leaving out the personal struggles I’ve had in the last year because those will come later.

I am happy to say that leaving my other job, the necessary but unwelcome noose, was the best decision I’ve made, in a long time. I wish the best for my old noose. May the universe keep their children fed and their hearts happy.


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