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my necessary but unwelcome noose

on August 30, 2012

The need to have a job and make money is a part of life. We have all had a job we abhor at one point or another in our lives. For one reason or another. The kind of job I am writing about today is the one that feels like it is choking the breath from your soul. I have one of these jobs. You wouldn’t guess it if I told you where I work. It is the very nature of my job that is killing me. Or the nature of what my job has become. I am the office manager for a small company that provides service labor. I started working here just before the economy collapsed. The owner had been living comfortably. He had many jobs on the schedule. Lots of money coming in. The economy then took a dump and so did his business. It wasn’t just the economy, but poor business practices as well. This did not help with doing business in a bad economy. Slowly but surely my job became one of managing the office to somehow balancing the money so that all the owner’s bills and company’s bills were paid. Now since we are not a point of sale business, this made my life very stressful. Never knowing when the money would be coming in. I am at the point where I loathe work. I can’t seem to get away from it. It follows me home, eating at my mind. It follows me to sleep, eating at my soul. It washes away all rays of sunlight. I must get out of this. I must quit. Aye, there’s the rub……..I work for my best friend’s husband. My office is his parent’s extra bedroom. I don’t want to abandon my friend. But staying just might kill me. I so long to be in the mountains. I long to have a job where the company’s bottom line isn’t a noose around my neck.

This blog was supposed to be happy and a tale of my pursuit of happiness. Today’s post is my first negative post. But this too is part of my journey.


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