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The RV Saga

on May 14, 2012

Lindy the RV’s maiden voyage has turned out to be quite the adventure. She lost 4th and 5th gear just after crossing the California/Arizona border. We drove going no more than 45 mph from Blythe to Irvine where she finally died. 😦 We tried our best to revive her to no avail. Next we all decided to just load up the car with essentials and head the 20 more minutes to Doheny Beach for the night. We pulled into our campsite at about 1:30am (a full 12 hours after we left Phoenix). The next morning we went back to the highway to pick up our downtrodden gal and got her safely to Doheny Beach somehow. Now we had to figure out what the heck to do with her because there was no way she was going to make it home. After pondering for a few minutes we came up with a brilliant plan. Post the girl on craigslist! Within 24 hours she was sold and the new owner said we could keep her at the beach until we left!!! (Awesome people down here in Dana Point) Now besides all the RV fiascos, we had one great vacation. We had family bonfires, walks on the beach, sand castles, Disneyland, and spent great quality time together. These are the vacations kids remember. Mine love camping and adventure and I am thankful. Here are a few pictures of our trip and one of our lady Lindy. May she bring great fun and adventure to her new family. Farewell from Doheny Beach on my last morning here. I hope these photos bring you some peace and enjoyment.




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