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Everyone goes through times when they struggle with life and what they want their life to be. Often times we find it easier to come up with excuses as to why we can’t have the life we want. Instead we need to think of our endless possibilities. We tend to lose sense of our soul. Our true being. This limits us in living life and being happy. It limits our creativity and our ability to love. Soul in a way is energy. Your soul is the you without limitations based on judgement. Your soul isn’t short, tall, fat, skinny, black, white, young, or old. Your soul’s worth isn’t defined by how much money you make or how pretty you are. Your soul is joy, love, and experiencing every moment for what it is. Or at least this is what I have found. I find that this idea easily flows along side Tao Wu Wei. Not forcing yourself to be or do, but let it flow naturally. I know there are many who would find fault in this line of thinking. And as all things, in excess, this can be debilitating. Just some nourishment for thought. “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” (Eleanor Roosevelt)


Disclaimer: Obviously, I did not take this photo. 😉

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The Happiest Place on Earth

Cousins having the time of their lives at the happiest place on Earth. I love this photo!



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Our Humble Abode

Here are some photos of our progress with the house. This weekend we cleaned out all the sentimental items and paperwork. A decent amount of trash was removed as well. There is still a lot to get rid of and to clean up. But we are making serious progress. As the photos show, we are already making it our home. I can’t wait to show more as we turn the Humble house into the Badeau house.






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The RV Saga

Lindy the RV’s maiden voyage has turned out to be quite the adventure. She lost 4th and 5th gear just after crossing the California/Arizona border. We drove going no more than 45 mph from Blythe to Irvine where she finally died. 😦 We tried our best to revive her to no avail. Next we all decided to just load up the car with essentials and head the 20 more minutes to Doheny Beach for the night. We pulled into our campsite at about 1:30am (a full 12 hours after we left Phoenix). The next morning we went back to the highway to pick up our downtrodden gal and got her safely to Doheny Beach somehow. Now we had to figure out what the heck to do with her because there was no way she was going to make it home. After pondering for a few minutes we came up with a brilliant plan. Post the girl on craigslist! Within 24 hours she was sold and the new owner said we could keep her at the beach until we left!!! (Awesome people down here in Dana Point) Now besides all the RV fiascos, we had one great vacation. We had family bonfires, walks on the beach, sand castles, Disneyland, and spent great quality time together. These are the vacations kids remember. Mine love camping and adventure and I am thankful. Here are a few pictures of our trip and one of our lady Lindy. May she bring great fun and adventure to her new family. Farewell from Doheny Beach on my last morning here. I hope these photos bring you some peace and enjoyment.



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First Trip In The RV

First trip in the 1985 Lindy RV. We are going to Doheny Beach to camp and spend time with family. The trip has been off to a rough start. But like most of our adventures, we will make it work and have fun making memories. As long as we are together, love is all we need.



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Alley Cat

Phoenix is a town full of hidden beauty. I love to find new places to photograph. Arcadia is a great place to take photos. It is a beautiful district between Central Phoenix and Scottsdale. Another beautiful spot for snapping photos is the Dreamy Draw area close to the Phoenix Mountain Preserves. This photo is one taken close to the mountain preserves in a relatively older neighborhood. Like many older neighborhoods in the Phoenix area, it has alleys. Alleys may seem like an odd place for a photo opportunity, but I think they hold so much character and history. I have many fond memories of touring the city at a young age through alleys. The alley was how you traveled to your friend’s house without ever having to set foot on the street. There were always interesting surprises that seemed so exciting. A couch someone was trying to get rid of, an “alley” cat or even discarded toys. All of which seemed like treasures.


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Beer & Bikes

I took these photos right when the mood hit me. The best way to take photos. I wanted to post them because I feel like lately my life has been very serious. All too often people get caught up in the cursory aspects of life. So here are 2 photos that lighten my heart. I hope they lighten yours as well. Cheers!



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