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Seven Springs Camping

We decided to go camping last weekend. It was the perfect weekend to go. The weather here in Arizona is getting hotter by the day, but last weekend we received rain and low temperatures. So we packed up and went to Seven Springs. I love camping. I took a lot of photos. Here are just a few.

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The “New” Old House

The other day I unveiled that we are getting a house and that I will be photographing the transformation from what it is now to….well I guess to what ever it turns out to be. All part of the journey and excitement! I have been saving to buy a farm. This house definitely isn’t a farm, but a sure stepping stone to getting there. I haven’t lived in one place for more than a year in the last 7 years. I am happy to know that even though this house is a stepping stone to my dream, it will be my home for at least 5 years. Somewhere to rest my head and heart.

This 1st photo is of the back patio. I have big plans for the back yard and patio. Vegetable garden, flowers, crafts, BBQ and picking around a fire (in the winter, of course…this is Arizona for goodness sake).


These next photos are of the interior of the house. It was built circa 1954. You will see the amount of work it will take to get this place cleaned out and cleaned up. I am so excited! Believe it or not, a lot of work has already been done. Once all the trash, canned food and furniture is cleared out it will be time to bug bomb the house. I don’t like using chemicals and unnatural products which is why I am having my friend Jim come take care of it. He only uses natural products in his weed and pest control business, which makes me feel better about bug bombing the house.






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Battery Park Thru the Trees

This is one of my favorite photos because it incorporates so much. See if you can catch everything.


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My New and Exciting Project

Today I am going to start photographing this rather amazing and challenging project. Recently I came into a situation where I am able to lease to purchase a home! The circumstances of this being available are sad (my grandma had to move to assisted living). Her house is old and full of stuff. Most of it is trash; newspapers, coupons, paperwork, empty jars, and canned food (she is a product of the depression and is always stocking food). There are also a lot of cool vintage items, pictures and memories. The house needs a lot of cleaning and work which is why I want to photograph the transition. So coming soon………nostalgia and a new beginning.


Our inner judge

I have been thinking a lot lately about my inner artist and why she hasn’t come out to play as much in the last 5 or so years. It has brought me to realize at some point in the last 5 years I have been a social robot. Work, family, friends, etc. I have left little room for my creative ability. I used to write and create all the time. I have a sewing machine and loads of fabric that I never use. I have a purse that I started 7 years ago but haven’t finished. Why?! It’s my inner judge telling me I have too many responsibilities to spend any time on my creativity. “I’m not good enough. No one will like what I create. I have so many other things to do.” I used to not care about all that stuff. But somehow that changed. In the few years I’ve been starving for a creative outlet. That is how I started in photography. It helped me capture and release beauty in a way that seemed less overwhelming to me. Taking photos helped my starvation and in turn has fueled my passion to create even more. So cheers to my motivation and musings. I will create wherever I go and with whatever I have. Money, time and approval will not sway me.

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It’s been a while…..

It has been a while since I have posted on here. Life has been busy, but very good. I have found myself thinking a lot the last few weeks about happiness and the choice to be happy. We (as human beings) set standards for our happiness. “I will be happy when I own my own company, have kids, travel the world…..” etc. True happiness, as I believe it to be, comes from finding yourself in every moment. These two pictures I think capture that thought process. Finding yourself in the moment, which ever moment it may be. Finding peace and love in all things.



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