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My Beautiful Baby…..

Some things in life just make you smile. This photo is one for me. This was taken about 3 years ago. One beautiful photo of my amazing daughter.

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New photo app!

I downloaded the snapseed photo app to play around with. It is fun! I took this picture while hiking and edited it to really capture the essence of that day. Let me know what you think and if you know of any fun editing apps!


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Very Classic and Sweet

I love this photo. Sweet innocence.


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The Smoke Shop Guy

This guy was on the corner and I had to take his photo! How great is this guy? Perfect person to be holding the smoke shop sign. And I mean holding, not twirling. But can you blame him? He is the smoke shop guy. I don’t think he does anything fast. 😉


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Now Playing: The Head and the Heart – Cats and Dogs

Now Playing: The Head and the Heart – Cats and Dogs.

I love this band along with Decemberists. Good post!

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On Call

Today I accompanied my brother to get a surgical biopsy. Thankfully the doctor said everything looks fine but will need to do further tests to make sure. These pictures aren’t spectacular in any way, but they are part of my journey.



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A Fun Blast From the Past

Today an old friend came into town. I have not seen this friend in 11 years. It’s funny how relationships and dynamics with some people never change. It was nice to see Barry and him giving me a playful good time again. I have missed his mischievous laugh. Thanks for lightening my heart.

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Harrison Hurwitz Photography

Harrison Hurwitz Photography

This is my friend Harrison’s blog. He is an extremely talented photographer. He loves using actual film! A rarity these days. Please check out his blog…..you won’t be disappointed. He has incredible experience and has photographed some very interesting people. Some famous and some not so famous. So take a gander!

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This post is so lovely. I had to reblog.

Whirlwind of emotions

Nature is more than a scientist; an engineer. It is an artist.  Designing beautiful, bold and striking masterpieces – the universe, the solar system, the oceans. Even in destruction there is beauty. A hurricane, an earthquake, a volcanic eruption. These are devastating occurrences that cause endless pain and suffering to those that are affected. On the other hand, these very calamities bring about a sense of excitement; a rush of adrenaline at the mere mention of them to those whose livelihoods depend on these very phenomenons occurring. An onlooker no doubt will have different emotions and experiences as compared to those directly affected. Yet these experiences exist, within the same time, due to the same cause and reason, and are so varied in nature they become incomparable.

Relationships are much like nature; scientific, engineered with a hint of an artistic flair. Beautiful and ugly. Calm and turbulent. Successful and ruining…

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I LOVE tomato soup!


I can’t say enough about how much I love tomato soup. It goes well with grilled cheese, salad, oyster crackers, corn bread or alone. It is healthy and filling. It is my favorite soup. Also my lovely lunch today. Bon appetit!

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