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Wayfaring Aubrey

on February 27, 2012


Oh how I love Berkeley.


The DaVinci tree at Golden Gate Park! This is an important photo because I didn’t think about work at all on this trip except when I saw this tree. One small step for mankind….one giant leap for Aubrey.



Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. 3 days of pure musical happiness. Patty Griffin, Earll Scruggs, Del McCoury, Ralph Stanley, Kris Kristofferson, Emmy Lou Harris, Gillian Welch, Bela Fleck, Merle Haggard, and Seldom Scene. Just to name a few.



Went to California for a small family reunion and spent a whole day cruising Santa Barbara wine country with my 2 brothers. It was amazing.

More pictures to come. These are just a few great moments in the last few years. I don’t have some great pictures that should definitely be in this blog. But if I can get my hands on them….they will be here!

One common link between all these photos, besides being important to me, is that they show where I am happiest. On the road going to festivals, exploring different cities or towns. and experiencing the landscape.


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